The Passengers (2010)

The Passengers (2010)




Film by Fred. L’Epee/ Switzerland-Greece / 2010 / 9 mn.


The first form of solar love is a cloud that floats above the liquid element. Metaphysical exhibition which sometimes becomes storm, falling on the earth as rain while lightning smashes the layers of the atmosphere. When the body loses its shape to becomes shapeless. The Endless Aidos.

Exhibition metaphysique qui s’ elevent comme un nuage erotique, devient parfois Orage et retombe vers la Terre sous forme de Pluie pendant que la foudre defonce les couches de l’Atmosphere. Le corps perds alors sa ressemblance avec la forme pour devenir Informe. L’Aidos Eternel.





Stage actor 
Fred. L’Epee
Vassilis Nanakis
Maria Kartakis.

Fred. L’Epee

Dimitra Pouliopoulou

“La vie manifeste”

Boyan Manchev “L’ Alteration du monde”

Voice Off
Amandine Andre / Webradio ‘A Bout de souffle’

Music soundtrack 
Virtualman “Four billions stars”


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