Elegia (2011)

Elegia (2011)






Film by Fred. L’Epee and Dimitra Pouliopoulou/ Switzerland-Greece/ 2011/ 7 min.

The myth of Elegia is used to explain the geometry of our universe. Between, time and space, the path of Elegy follows an eternal path. As an eternal procession. We belong to the process of the geometry of universe. Abstraction with forms and indefinite lines is towards an ultimately unknown destination. The narrative of human being. As a post atomic-myth, we choose the sense of belonging and farewell.

Including this narrative:
A. Nature in its representation
B. The path of Elegy.
C. The theoretical sense of belonging and Farewell.





Dimitra Pouliopoulou/ Fred. L’Epee

Fred. L’Epee/ Dimitra Pouliopoulou

Camera operators 
Dimitra Pouliopoulou/ Fred. L’Epee

Sound editing
Fred. L’Epee/ Dimitra Pouliopoulou

Music soundtrack
Virtual Man – ‘Grand Design’

Alexandros Rizopoulous

Sound making



In-Depth Sea Films 2011.
Creative commons/Copyleft

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