The White Widow (2015)

The White Widow (2015)






The White Widow (2015)
Film by Fred L’Epee and Kenneth Gentry


“The White Widow” is a psychotropic visual arts film representing the themes of mythology, mysticism, and the existential struggle. The realm is that of the subconscious, the alterations of perception, in the other-worldly than the worldly. Once upon a time the white widow at the edge of a path.



Kenneth Gentry

Fred L’Epee

Fred L’Epee

Music soundtrack
Artist: Cooper Raines
Album: “Subterranean Holiday”
Titles: Uranium, Surface tension, Mystery of the Junkman

Additional sound

Special thanks
Prelinger Archives


Helicon Films 2015
Fred L’Epee
Kenneth Gentry
Ed Alvarado

This work is licensed under Creative Commons.
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.

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