Solar Love (2015)

Solar Love (2015)







Solar Love (2015)
Film by Fred L’Epee and Jean-Baptiste Lozac’h

This is a visual art work in search of the subconscious poetry of freedom. The psychogenic leak of a woman lost in an existential temporality. At the borders of a psychological blackout. This is a post-modern road movie at the crossing of the desert, the sea; his universe. On the path of an unresolved emotional equation. In order to discover its metaphysical identity, his life as a sense.


Fx Effects
Fred L’Epee

Jean-Baptiste Lozac’h

Music soundtrack
Ángel Sánchez Cervera
Album: “Balkar Wachholz – Deleted Scenes”
(Hortus Conclusus Records 2015)


Helicon Films 2015
Executive producer
Fred L’Epee
Ed Alvarado
Jean-Baptiste Lozac’h

Licenced under Creative Commons




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