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Fred L' Epee

ART Habens|Contemporary Art Review (Biennal Edition 2019)

I’m very glad to announce that the new special Edition of ART Habens Review is finally out.

Interview + Cover page

ART Habens Magazine (Special Issue 2019)
Contemporary Art Review (Biennale Edition)



ART Habens: History & Mission

Since its foundation, ART Habens has  featured hundreds of artists, giving them the chance to branch out  and get ahead, showing their works off the world through many  publications, since it’s becoming more and more important for artists to  take the promotion of their image and their art upon themselves.


Art Habens 1

Inspired by worldwide art scene, we highlight that art is an essential element in our lives: ART Habens  reserves a special place to explore these transformations; first, by  acknowledging the energy and effort that goes into the creation of art,  and second, by investigating the new life a work takes on as it is  transferred from artist to world.


Direct link to Interview: Interview – Fred L’Epee

Official website: Art Habens Art Review




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