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Fred L' Epee

Ephemeral Look (Experimental Cycle) MAR Museo, Mar del Plata, Argentina

Honored that film ‘Athanasia’ is selected for the program “Ephemeral look” (Experimental Audiovisual Cycle) to be screened on 26th September at MAR Museo (Mar del Plata, Argentina)

Athanasia (2017) from Fred L’Epee on Vimeo.


Athanasia (Switzerland, 2017, 5 min) integrates the International Panorama of the “Experimental Audiovisual Cycle (Ephemeral look). The film will be exhibited on Thursday, September 26 from 18 pm. at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Mar Del Plata, Argentina (Avenue Felix u. Camet and Lopez de gómara). Free & free entrance.


The Mar del Plata Museum of Contemporary Art (MAR Museo) will host the “Mirada Efimera”: Ciclo Audiovisual Experimental’to be held during four Thursdays between August and November, starting at 6 pm, with free admission. The cycle includes 4 scenarios: National (August 22), International (September 26), presentation of the international collective “Obscuritads” (October 24) and the closing with the exclusive premiere in Mar del Plata of the award-winning feature film “Letters to Paul Morrisey ”, by Armand Rovira (November 28).




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