• 56 days of Intensive Care
  • 37 days at the Pau Hospital (France)
  • 19 days at the Bordeaux-Pessac University Hospital (France)


After this experience, I decided to become a digital nomad as a filmmaker and artist while continuing my obligations at Helicon Films. Living nomadically while doing work remotely through digital telecommunications technologies. Traveling in a total minimalism and without borders.


Weight of Air (Experimental film, Avant-garde – 08mn)


Hikikomori (Experimental film, Avant-garde – 10mn)


Years (3 mn – Experimental film with music composer Mark Nyos)


Telescope (Advertising video – Eye’s Walk Digital Festival of Syros, Greece)
Athanasia (6 mn – Experimental film with music composer Rey Eisen)


Fahrenheit 4.33 (12mn – Experimental, Avant-garde)
(16mn  – Experimental film with Jean-Baptiste Lozac’h)


Solar Love (7mn – Experimental film with Jean-Baptiste Lozac’h)
The Diary (8mnExperimental film with Jean-Baptiste Lozac’h)
The Laboratory (8mn – Experimental film with Kenneth Gentry)
The White Widow (10mn – Experimental film with Kenneth Gentry)


Spiderland (7mn – Cinematic visual arts)
Bipolar (9mn – Cinematic visual arts)
Mare’s Nest (9mn – Experimental film with Kenneth Gentry)
Amygdala (4mn – Experimental)


The Testament (8mn – Experimental film)
Sidol (5mn – Video art with Takuto Fukuda, Faraòn Meteosès).
Contemporary Man (6mn – Experimental fiction)
Scapegrace (23mn – Experimental fiction with Kenneth Gentry)


In Exilum (3mn – Cinematic visual arts)
Cycle 2.0 (3mn – Cinematic visual arts)


Scaramanga Land (5mn – Experimental fiction)
Unconcerned but not Indifferent (5mn – Experimental)
Elegìa (8mn – Experimental)
The Island (5mn – Experimental)


Arrestation video (2mn – Video)
Dialogue with an Actor (10mn – Documentary)
Hypothesis for Travelling (20mn – Documentary)
Citizens among Citizens (30mn – Documentary)
The Passengers (9mn – Experimental fiction)
The room of franz kafka (4mn – Experimental)
The Car (3mn – Experimental B footage)
Data-Base (3mn – Experimental B footage)


Athens December 6th (19mn – Documentary)
Please No War (3mn – Fiction)
Under X (3mn – Experimental)
Train after midnight (4mn – Experimental)
Fake sun (2mn – Video art)
Molecule Past (4mn – Experimental)
Suffocate-In (3mn – Experimental video)
The Departure (4mn – Experimental)
Manu Katché at Rocks mountain In Athens (20mn – Concert live)
A Move (1 mn – Experimental)


The Sea from Thessaloniki (5mn – Video art)
Sorry Sunday (5mn – Fiction)
Scream in the street (8mn – Video art)
The Paranoïd fashion victim (4mn – Video art)
Chaos in the Room (3mn – Video art)
A Human silence (6mn – Fiction)
Interview autostrada (9mn – Interview)
The Experimental driving lesson (6mn – Video art)


Ghost by Me (4mn – Video art)
Mary had a boy (5mn –  Experimental)
Walk King (7mn – Video art)
Midnight Man (6mn – Fiction)
Yourself (3mn – Video art)
21 Days (16mn – Fiction)


Lily Was Here (26mn – Fiction)
City 021 (24mn – Experimental)
Bloody Hall (14mn – Fiction)


Re-construction of A Body (50mn – Experimental)

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